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LPM has a range of self-powered, self sufficient mobile welfare cabins, ideal for working on a remote site where there is no electricity, water or drains. Whether you are looking for an energy saving welfare cabins and units, an anti-vandal welfare pod with flushing toilet or a welfare building with hydraulic lowering and retractable wheels, there’s a tow-able welfare cabin to suit.

All of our mobile welfare cabins and units provide facilities for 6 or 10 people and are fitted with, seating, tables and separate toilet facilities including wash hand basin as standard and are available nationwide, which includes London and the south-east.

Lightweight, compact, and tow-able, the Mobile Welfare Unit is suitable for a wide range of on-site requirements. Get the on-site services you need, wherever you are. With our Mobile Welfare hire services, your unit will be delivered, installed and fully operational in no time at all.
Easily towed and unhitched, it’s a one man operation to secure and manoeuvre the unit on site – and its unique, built-in hydraulic lift means set-up takes less than 3 minutes.

Well-equipped and fully HSE compliant. The Mobile Welfare Cabin features a canteen with hot and cold water, microwave cooking facilities, a spacious seating area suitable for up to 6 or 10 people, and an electric wall-mounted heater to ensure comfortable working environments are maintained year round.

The unit also features a self-contained toilet compartment and separate drying room, and its high-security windows and all-steel construction make the unit theft and vandal resistant.


It is important for the safety and well-being of your workmen that you, the contractor or client, provide space for washing, eating, storage of belongings and tools, and toilet facilities. It is so important, in fact, that it now forms part of the Health and Safety regulations:

If you are a client then you must ensure that your contractors have arrangements to provide adequate welfare facilities for construction workers. If the work is notifiable then you must ensure that construction work (including demolition) does not start until suitable welfare facilities are in place.The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007
Welfare Cabin Comfort Space 2
Welfare Cabin Comfort Space 3

This compact and lightweight single axle design makes it easy to transport to and from site and manoeuvre once there. The road tow-able Comfort Space requires no special transport and meets the H.S.E welfare on site standards.

Electrical power is provided by the silenced integrated diesel generator, which provides lighting, warm water and microwave facilities for the preparation of food.

The unit can accommodate up to 6 persons at once, in comfort and features a canteen/rest area, toilet/wash-room and a generator/drying room.

With a hard-wearing easy to clean interior finished in bright white GRP, the Comfort Space has an impressive list of features that exceed your on site requirements both now and in the future.

The Anti-vandal design incorporates high security features, ensuring the unit and items stored within remain secure whilst it is not occupied.

The easy to set up system means the Unit can be operational within 3 minutes of arriving on site.

The Comfort Space is the mobile welfare unit of choice, for any company looking for a no fuss, durable and effective solution to meet the criteria for welfare on-site.

What is more our Comfort Space is fully compatible with the new Hybrid system making our latest product the most flexible on the market.


  • Net weight: 1740kg
  • Diesel Tank: 58 litres
  • Fresh Water: 25 litres
  • Gross Weight: 1800kg
  • Drinking Water: 25 litres
  • Waste Capacity: 25 litres
  • Unit Length: 3.60 metres
  • Unit Width: 2.30 metres
  • Unit Height: 2.37 metres
  • Towing Length: 5.20 metres
  • Towing Height: 2.69 metres


  • Single axle, well balanced Carbon Monoxide monitor alarm
  • 240V consumer unit for individual electrical appliance
  • Heavy duty jockey wheel and large diameter tyre
  • Electric wall mounted heater
  • Anti vandal design, hidden double point locking hinges
  • Recessed locks and handles on all steel personnel doors
  • Aluminium framed windows with anti-vandal steel shutters
  • 1740kg towing weight
  • Integral lifting eyes
  • Integral lighting board mounts and quick release lighting sockets
  • Steel towing frame cover
  • Hydraulic raising & lowering of axle by remote control
  • 2 PAC paint finish
  • Bench seating and table for 6 operators
  • Heavy duty GRP interior panels, white wipe clean finish
  • Block insulation between compartments
  • RCB (Residual Circuit Breaker)
  • MCB (Mains Circuit Breaker)
  • Switch control for preference of appliances
  • Internal lighting for all compartments
  • Tubular heater in drying room
  • Recirculating toilet and hand wash
Welfare Cabin Big Space
The ‘big space’ has been developed to meet the growing requirements of the UK’s construction industry. providing both welfare and office facilities in a compact, easy to tow, anti-vandal cabin.

By producing the big space in a single axle configuration, we have retained the easy to manoeuvre characteristics of the ‘comfort space’ whilst introducing a much greater and more flexible interior design.

This unique combination of a compact design with a all new interior is achieved by extensive development using the latest pro engineering design software.

This has allowed our new larger capacity 10 man design to be only 50cm longer overall than our standard 6 man cabin, but over a meter longer on the inside.

We have incorporated a higher weight capacity axle, to allow for a greater length cabin, yet still managed to keep the overall gross weight under 1900kg.

This new model is available in either our standard welfare cabin configuration or the new ‘hybrid’ variant which allows silent running for both heating and lighting.

the new big space is able to offer HSE facilities for up to 10 people and still offer a office facility for the site foreman/agent. in conjunction with our ‘hybrid’ specification the big space will provide a charging point for both phones and laptops, allowing the office to be used with out the generator running.

the new vehicle certification agency (v.c.a) standard requires all trailers that can carry or weigh over 750kg must be manufactured to a specific specification, and all areas of production have to be approved. boss cabins are very proud to have achieved this new standard which means our customers will benefit from meeting the future legal requirements, alongside the fact that the entire range of boss cabins welfare cabins are now vca approved. the additional benefit is that buying a boss cabin today will ensure your residual values are retained in the future.

Welfare Big Space


  • Net Weight:1840kg
  • Gross weight:1890kg
  • Unit Length:4.80 metres
  • Unit Width:2.30 metres
  • Unit Height:2.37 metres
  • Towing Length:5.88 metres
  • Towing Height:2.72 metres


  • Painted in Customers colours
  • Spare Wheel and Tyre
  • Aluminium 2ft x 4ft sign panel
  • Timer control on Generator, limits max run time, can be set by you
  • External toilet dump valve
  • Phone/laptop charging system
  • Waxoyl under seal
  • Extra sets of keys
  • Webasto heating system
  • Integrated inverter & charging system
  • Detachable lifting eyes


We have designed the ‘Big Space’ to work in the same way as our standard mobile welfare cabin, which has a number of benefits:

  • Familiar operation of all components
  • Generator room and Toilet room identical to Comfort Space
  • Hydraulically lowered axle arrangement is Anti-vandal design, incorporating double locking door mechanism
  • Locking towing cover hood, with integrated swivel jockey wheel, which prevents the loss of individual wheel type assembly
  • Running a mixed fleet alongside the Comfort Space means many common parts are used
Welfare Cabin Tool Space Open The ‘Tool Space’ has been developed to allow the safe storage of tools and equipment on-site. There are also increasing restrictions on what vans can carry this especially has an impact for businesses involved with the many utility contracts.

Often the requirement will mean running from a central yard that requires the vans to load up the tools in the morning and returning at the end of every day, impacting on the working time available.

Clearly it would be more productive to leave the tools on site. Additionally leaving tools in the secure ‘Tool Space’ helps reduce the weight and space issues of the workforces vans.

Welfare Tool Space


  • Net weight:1200kg
  • Capacity:750kg
  • Unit Length:3.60 metres
  • Unit Width:2.30 metres
  • Unit Height:2.37 metres
  • Towing Length:5.20 metres
  • Towing Height:2.69 metres


  • 3 cabin doors for greater access
  • Looks like a welfare cabin to avoid unwanted attention
  • Hydraulically lowered axle
  • Anti vandal design
  • Locking towing cover
  • Partioned areas (option)
  • Racking for smaller items
  • Hose Racks (option)
  • Fuel Storage (option)